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PostPosted: 2013/10/01 20:45    Post subject:

On farm? Not sure about that just yet but sure, why not ;)

It is quite amazing how much co-ordination goes into the fight.

Quite nice to hear good feedback from Pugs. I must admit though, I only joined on the 5th boss for the kill so I didn't see any of the other bosses done.

Nice post Karl!
PostPosted: 2013/09/30 21:44    Post subject:

Hi Axis and All,

I agree, I was going to post what a thrilling end to the fight with just 2 awesome tanks alive at the end, well done Nech and Blackie!!!! The most exciting 1st downing of a boss in ages!!!

However, it was also a great team effort, to get to the boss and if my memory isn't too faulty it was the best overall DPS and healing stats I have seen for quite awhile, Moreover, the team cooperation in taking down the towers whilst handling what seems to be a multitude of adds, and then coordinating the boss drop, was excellent. I guess thanks to practice and the new SoO gear, but more importantly, great communication!!!

One of the Pugs on Friday night from our FLEX raid whispered me on Saturday saying how impressed he was with the way we work together, and given that Friday Night Flex raiding is a combination of 2 raid team members and a few casuals, that's a great tribute to the Guild raiders!!!!!

Is Galakras on farm now Axis ???

Cheers Karlucil
PostPosted: 2013/09/30 19:09    Post subject: Sun/Mon down Galakras

I gotta say, my most favourite boss in a long time. The mechanics are really exciting.

But daaaaaaamn, busy fight. The Horridon for SoO >.<

Gratz guys, doing an awesome job!!!!!!